Faucethero.com is free faucet hosting service. It was started by author of popular Gr8.cc faucet script. To start faucet, you don’t need to have coding skills, paid hosting and domain. You only have to fill required information in Admin panel, set up settings like rewards, timer, security setting and etc. Also, upload advertisement codes in special places to monetize your faucet. And finally, deposit coins to your Faucethub account (Faucethero supports all currencies from Faucethub).

Main Faucethero Features:

  • Instant Payouts to Users FaucetHub Account.
  • Responsive CSS so works on Mobile, Tablet and PC.
  • Clean and Simple designed Templates without the clutter.
  • Proxy Detection: Standard PHP Detection, NastyHosts & IP Hub
  • Captcha Services: SolveMedia, reCaptcha or CaptchMe
  • Improved AntiBot Links: Makejar 6.00 plus more than 500 Custom AntiBot Links.
  • ShortURL Enabled: Earn more with Short URLs.
  • Supports All FaucetHub Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitCore, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin & Primecoin )

Additional Security Features:

  • One Claim per Address/User.
  • Payout Safety Limit, Set your max payout per 30 minutes.
  • Failed Attempt Claim Lock Out
  • Auto removes Self Referred Referrals.
  • AutoBan Users claiming from Multiple Countries.
  • AutoBan Users claiming from Multiple Addresses.
  • AutoBan Users claiming too fast.

Faucethero is great service for newbies who don’t have enough skills to make faucet or just want to try. But if you want to make more advanced faucet, please read our overview of faucet scripts.