Faucet scripts

You want to start your faucet, but don’t know how to do it? If you don’t have skills to create website, it’s not a problem. These faucet scripts will help you. There are most popular scripts collected, you can choose what you like most. It’s very easy to manage faucet with these scripts and if you have more skills, you can edit, modify your site, add more content and other additional stuff.

To start faucet, you have to choose one of these scripts and upload it into your hosing and follow instructions which are written by script provider. You will be able to monetize your faucet with various add networks. List of add networks soon you will find on our blog.

Disclaimer – Some of faucet scripts, addons and plugins currently aren’t available but we hope it’s only temporarry problems. Sorry for inconvenience.

Faucetbox script (FREE)

Official page
Discussions and support
Faucetbox micropayments service was closed, but their faucet script is still active and developped. It’s most popular faucet script. On newest version of script it can be used on Faucethub and Faucetsystem services.

Faucetbox script addon. This is instruction how to set faucet rewards to be based on $ value. For example, you can set $0.00 or $0.002 reward and rewards of your faucet will be changed automatically according to bitcoin price, you won’t have to worry.

Faucetbox script modified by Makejar.com – many bug fixed and new features added, all Faucethub currencies supported. On newest version it works with Expresscrytpo.io, CedsonHub.net, Kswallet.net, Faucetpay.io and Microwallet.co

Simple faucet script (FREE)

Official page
Live Demo
Discussions and support

Bitcoin Faucet integrated with banlist and VPN/Proxy Shield. It uses the service of Google reCaptcha (v2; box) and IPHub. Any claims will be saved in the account balance and can be withdrawn to ExpressCrypto, FaucetPay or directly using Block.io

Free. No hidden fees are applied. You have the rights to modify the code, as long as you do not remove the license.

Gr8.cc Faucethub script

Official page
Live demo
Discussions and support

Supported microwallets:  CedsonHub, Cryptoo, ExpressCrypto, FaucetFly, FaucetPay, KSWallet and MicroWallet)


  • Responsive Bootstrap 4.3 design
  • Multiple Proxy detection services
  • Multiple Captcha services
  • Improved AntiBot Links: 4 random words from an 50k+ word list
  • Share shortlinks on all faucets in same database
  • Set Shortlink views and priority
  • Templates and Styles can be changed from admin panel.
  • Auto lock user after failed captcha/antibot
  • Payout Safety Limit – Set max payout per 30 min.
  • One Claim per Address/IP Address
  • Faucet Stats including User Action Log
  • Auto delete self referred referrals
  • Set Max Claims per day or use number of shortlink views
  • Send User direct payout
  • Settings and Proxy detection cached (Lowers DQ Queries and API request)
  • Add Custom Pages

Price of script – current BTC value of $100.

Faucethero (FREE)

Official page

Create faucet without coding skills, hosting and paid domain. Great service for beginner by Gr8.cc script author

Main Faucet Features:

  • Instant Payouts to Users FaucetPay Account.
  • Responsive CSS so works on Mobile, Tablet and PC.
  • Clean and Simple designed Templates without the clutter.
  • Proxy Detection: Standard PHP Detection, NastyHosts & IP Hub
  • Captcha Services: SolveMedia, reCaptcha or CaptchMe
  • Improved AntiBot Links: Makejar 6.00 plus more than 500 Custom AntiBot Links.
  • ShortURL Enabled: Earn more with Short URLs.
  • Supports All FaucetPay Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin)

Additional Security Features:

  • One Claim per Address/User.
  • Payout Safety Limit, Set your max payout per 30 minutes.
  • Failed Attempt Claim Lock Out
  • Auto removes Self Referred Referrals.
  • AutoBan Users claiming from Multiple Countries.
  • AutoBan Users claiming from Multiple Addresses.
  • AutoBan Users claiming too fast.

Material faucet script

Download link
Discussions and support

Material faucect script made with bootstrap and codeigniter framework. Supportss Expresscrypto as payment method.

Main features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Support Recaptcha And Solvemedia Captcha
  • Shortlink Rotator
  • Antibotlinks
  • Block Proxy

and more:

  • Material Design
  • Auto Ban User
  • Shortlink Rotator Based On User’s Ip Address
  • Admin Panel
  • Ban Bots/Tool

Price of script – $15. Bitcoin and PayPal accepted.

KSwallet.net auto faucet script (FREE)

Download link
Discussions and support

Works with Kswallet.net API, 22 currencies supported.

Super Secure System
Use URL Shorteners (for more profit)
Amazing ADS system (You will x2 your earnings)
AntiadBlock script
Iphub Integration
Cool Referal System
Ban address Option
Ban Ip Option
PopAds File
Manage rewards,timer,user session,referesh timer easly
SEO friendly
PDO Usage
Clean and fast Code

Multi coins faucet/autofaucet + Games

Download link
Live demo
Discussions and support

Core Version V2 
    • Build with Codeigniter framework
    • Users Login/Register/Pass recover
    • User login logs
    • Lottery (hourly/daily/weekly)
    • Tokens system
    • Payments in most altcoins
    • Payments to Expresscrypto.io and Kswallet.net
    • Payments to Coinpayments.net, Coinbase.com delayed because of KYC
    • Min amount for payments
    • Max amount for payments
    • Daily limit payments
    • Instant payments or payments go to pending and admin send it manual
    • You can add all coins from Expresscrypto.io, KSwallet, Coinpayments.net, Coinbase.com (no need to wait for script update)
    • Faucet (+ forced shortlink visit if selected)
    • You can add unique and all view shortlinks + views for every link + priority.
    • Webminer(webminepool.com) – discontinued
    • Users levels
    • Advanced referral system
    • Custom referral commission ( you can set % for some users. eg in partnerships with other sites owners or social media influencers)
    • Users can set a source s= tag to track better the signups
    • Referral stats: earnings per day/week/month/total
    • Referral stats: earnings per source
    • Country multiplier for faucet claims
  • Captcha or Multiple captcha on faucet claim (user can choose any)
  • Calm down after X captcha fails for x minutes.
  • Auto lock user after X captcha fails.
  • 2nd captcha on faucet after X claims
  • Auto lock user after X 2nd captcha fails.
  • Fails amounts and timers can be set in admin area.
  • IPhub.info check (cached , so you dont need to buy a premium key)
  • Proxycheck.io check (cached)
  • Autolock user detected with multiple accounts on faucethub
  • User cant add wallets from more Faucethub.io accounts
  • User cant make multiple accounts with wallets linked to same faucethub.io account

Price: $129. You also can buy paid add-ons

  • Dice Game – $39
  • Mining game (soon)
  • Roulette game – $19 (soon)
  • Coinflip game – $25 (soon)
  • Plinko game – $29 (soon)
  • To The Moon Game – $29 (soon) // a simple version of the game from bitkong.com
  • Shortlink PTC – $69
  • Slots game – $35
  • Offerwall (including admin backend) – $99
  • GiftBox – (create promo codes and share on internet) – $15

Open sourced faucet with Dice script (FREE)

Download link
Site and code is now open to anyone who wishes to clone/fork or whatever.
Faucet+Dice is a bitcoin faucet that also has a fully functional dice game where users can play with their earnings.
Site is PHP and Javascript.
Anti-bot is with Google’s reCaptcha.
Script is made too use on Faucetbox.

Modified version (FREE)

Download link
Live demo

Discussions and support

  • Script uses coinbase to process payments. Please refer to coinbase api documentation how to get your api keys !
  • Web host/server should at least have PHP7.0+
  • Uses recaptcha for anti-bot protection
  • Uses anti-adblock.

Version for Faucetpay (FREE)

Download link
Discussions and support

Mini faucet script (FREE)

Download link
Discussions and support
Mini faucet script is quite popular, it has integrated payments via Blokchain, Coinbase and Xapo. To use it on Faucethub, you just have to copy paste faucethub.php code into faucetbox.php, extend class.

Alpha faucet script (FREE)

Download link (Github)
Discussions and support

Unofficial modified version (Works with Microwallet)

Download link
Discussions and support

This script don’t requires big resources and can be used even on free hosting.


  • Caching instead of database.
  • No database needed to run.
  • Easy to move your faucet, just download all files and upload.
  • Dual microwallet support.
  • Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker.
  • Anti-adblocker.
  • Quick blocking if captcha is incorrect for 3 times.
    [Will be available in next update]
  • Instead of one IP per addy, Locking IP and addy after every successful claim.
  • Errorless PHP script, easily customizable.
  • Countdown Timer added.
  • Preloader added.
  • Sending user’s IP to microwallet, this will help you to prevent frauds.
  • Captcha type: ReCaptcha [Custom design, black theme.

YFaucet script V.0.7 (BETA)

Live demo
Discussions and support

This script made by Yannik.biz faucet owner and have similar design and features like this faucet.


  • Very fast loading
    Only 570kb  browser load!
  • Bootstrap 4.0.0
    Responsive and mobile friendly.
  • FontAwesome v5.0.6
    Many great icons for web.
  • Captcha
    SolveMedia for easy solving.
    Nastyhosts, IPhub, TOR and my own ISP check against bots and cheaters!
  • Possible to place 4 ads !
    3 on main page and 1 on payout modal.
  • Random claim
    Legit php random function, $Lucky_Number = rand(0 , 10000);
  • Multi currency
    Soon all what faucethub supports
  • Faucet Statistics
    Shows your Faucehub ballance, toal payed out/claimed/Referral commission/Members/Referred Members
  • Easy admin panel
    Edit all faucet settings.
  • Slots game with jackpot
  • Loyalty bonuses

Price: €15. Bitcoin and PayPal accepted.

ClaimBits faucet script

Download link
Live demo
Discussions and support


  • Bootstrap 4 responsive design
  • Hourly Faucet Claim (Roll between 1 and 99,999)
  • PTC Ads (users can purchase PTC Ads on your website)
  • Shortlinks visits with weekly contest system (add your desired shortlinks on admin panel and let your users do the rest)
  • Offerwalls with weekly contest system (earn money everytime your users complete offers)
  • CPU Mining System (CoinHive integrated)
  • Multilanguage system (only Enligh available by default)
  • FaucetHub integrated (allow your users to withdraw BTC to their FaucetHub accounts)
  • CoinPayments integrated (used for users to deposit funds or withdraw BTC into their wallets)
  • Membership system with 4 different levels
  • Investment Game (100% legit game build with CoinDesk API’s)
  • Jobs system where you can reward users for doing tasks
  • Users Levels (based on users faucet claims)
  • Activity Rewards system to stimulate users to be more active
  • Internal advertising system (users can purchase advertising on your website)
  • Complex affiliate system with weekly contest
  • Google ReCaptcha, RainCaptcha and SolveMedia integrated
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • SSL Support for secure connection (HTTPS)
  • Complete admin panel
  • Very well optimised and secured
  • Unencrypted code

+ Many others features

Price: $299. Plus extra option available: Copyright removal – $10. Professional instalation – $10. Extended support & updates – $149. BTC and Payeer accepted.

+ ShortPTC Bitcoin Shortlink – $69.99.

Amazingfreebitcoin script

Faucet script – with background, logo, shortlink API integrated.
Direct withdraw option. Live demo. Price – 0.015 BTC

Mega Bitcoin Game Script – Price – 0.25 BTC.

Bitcoin Generator Game Script – Price 0.3 BTC.

Xapo faucet script (FREE)

Download link
Tutorial article how to build Xapo faucet.
Xapo don’t have their official script but there are one quite popular faucet script made by one of users. It’s used by many faucet owners. Rewards are sent direct to Xapo. We recommend it only for experienced people, because this script don’t have their support, so you have to do everything by yourself. Also, this script is heavy outdated, last update was made 5 years ago.

WordPress faucet plugin (FREE)

Official page with step by step guide how to build faucet with support..
This plugin is made by 99bitcoins.com. You can use Faucethub as a payment option.  It supports BTC, LTC and DASH. Plugin is often updated and safe to use. Plugin is no longer updated, but you still can use it at your own discretion.

Quantum faucet script.

Official page
Quantum Faucet gives you a perfect way to start a profitable faucet without any hassle, all it requires 5 minute setup. And, boom.
Apart from that, the faucet contains robust security against intruders, the admin panel is well-secure and along with that the script also contains the feature to detect users with multiple accounts.
The payment system is weekly. And, anyone who has accumulated more than X satoshis gets liable for a payout and is automatically displayed in the admin panel.
Faucets earn using ads, and the script contains a page that is meant to be edited by the administrator. Price of script is $21.00

Script includes:

  • Robust Support
  • Free Installation
  • Free Support
  • Free Updates & Upgrades

Gambling faucet script.

Official page
Discussions and support
This faucet script icludes such games as Coin-Flipper, Grid-Game, Guess the Number.
Main featuires of script :

  • Robust, flexible, secure and easy to use.
  • Contains News system.
  • Contains Gaming system.
  • Contains Contact form.
  • Login/Register based website.
  • ReCaptcha and SolveMedia captcha to slay bots. Secure anti-bot system.
  • Bans bots and multiple accounts automatically.
  • Profiling system.
  • Chating system.
  • Uses BlockTrail for payments.
  • Includes forums to generate more impressions.
  • It’s well trusted, hugely used and is considered one of the best scripts in the industry. Webmasters have noticed a decline of 90% in bot activity at their sites after switching to our script.

Price of script is $99.98

Obsolete scripts

JQuery script (Faucethub and Xapo)

Official page (currently not available to buy)
Live Demo
Discussions and support
JQuery Faucet is a new faucet script which is based on JQuery, PHP and MySQL.
It’s not just looking good. It’s more than that. It has a good adjustable protection against Bots and ban Bots immediately by many factors.
Few Features:

  • Smooth loading
  • Countup Rewards
  • Countup Rewards
  • Ban ISP
  • 1 Concurrent claim per IP
  • Detect Bots and ban instant
  • Easy to configure. Only adjust the settings
  • Payout to Faucethub or XAPO

and much more…
The price of the script is $14. They accept BTC, ETH (5% OFF), LTC, DOGE and DASH as payment method.

FaucetCMS scipt

Download link
Live demo
Discussions and support
Key features:
-BTC/ETH/DOGE support
-FaucetHUB and FaucetSystem support (both can be used in the same time)
-SolveMedia, reCAPTCHA, BitCaptcha integration
-Coin-Hive miner integrated
-BTC.ms, shorte.st, mellowads shortlink services integrated
-Extended statistics stores info about every claim (time, ip, btc address, browser user-agent, system language, if claim is unsuccessful – stores info about error).
-Easy stats navigation: by date, by IP, bu btc address, etc
-You can hold/ban IPs or BTC addresses
-TOR\VPN protection
-One claim per one IP
-Google analytics integration
-Both instant or cumulative kinds of faucet
-Manual payouts + personal witdrawal limits for trusted users
-Simple installer
-All standard features like min/max reward, ref bonuses, timer, showing faucet balance, etc.

The greatest advantage of the script is his super-easy management. It has simple installer and EXTREEMLY userfriendly dashboard, which allows you to do everything – from placing ad\content in any place and setting up every detail to inserting custom js code or editing head menu.
Admin panel allows you to do EVERYTHING without touching code in the files. Script is free, but takes small fee for every claim. Soon will be available to use with all Faucethub supported currencies.

CoinBox faucet script (FREE)

This script is no longer supported.

Download link
Discussions and support


  • Support Multi Short Link Systems – Boot your income: You can add many short link system at the same time such as : 1ink, madpay, btc.ms, mellowads,… User will be redirect to link which they haven’t viewed in last 24 hours.
  • Redirect to short link after click claim button: I heard may peoples like it so i made this. Users can choose if they want to click with short link before clicking claim button.
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to custom and understand code.

Fap faucet script

Not available now

Download link
Discussions and support

This is an upgraded version from CoinBox Faucet Script with new features:

Responsive Design with Bootstrap Framework
6 Ad slots per page
Proxy detection: Iphub
Support Recaptcha and Solvemedia
4 Antibotlinks
Shortlink rotator
Support all coins in faucethub
Auto ban user if fail captcha/antibotlinks/token/shortlink verify too many times.

Vietnam faucet script

Official page
Discussions and support


  • Made with: HTML, CSS, PHP and love;
  • Design: Bootstrap, Fontawesome;
  • Support up to 6 ad spaces or more;
  • Support both Recaptcha and SolveMedia captcha;
  • Display account history;
  • Short Link extra reward.


  • Block bad IP with Nastyhosts
  • Block multiple accounts;
  • Block users after too many failed claims (wrong token, captcha, short link).

Price of script – current BTC value of $22.

Faucethub multicurrency script 

Download link
Live demo

  • No Admin Panel
  • Easy to install
  • Modern Template
  • Proxy detection by iphub
  • ReCaptcha “Antispam”
  • Support All FaucetHub currencies
  • Styles can be changed
  • Comments By Disqus
  • Instant payout to Faucethub
  • and more

Price: $10. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and PayPal is accepted.

Floodgate auto faucet script (FREE)

Download link
Guide how to set up faucet
Java script miner based faucet script which supports all Faucethub currencies. It can be used on free hosting!. On Faucet Hubʼs manager page, make sure that the faucet is set up under the “PTP” and “Mining” categories! If it isnʼt, users could get their accounts frozen for claiming too often!

Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script

Download link
Live demo
Discussions and support


  • Fully Responsive CSS: Works on Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Unique Material UI Design
  • Timer Progress Bar and Remaining time Notification on Autoclaim page
  • Option to stop claim after limited claims
  • Added support for multiple sortlinks
  • Title name shows remaining claims counts
  • SEO Optimization
  • Wisely used Ad-space in UI, which will not disturb user experience and good for revenue
  • No More 000webhost brand logo.
  • Supports All FaucetHub.io currencies
  • Right-click and F12 key disabled by default.

Price: 0.0088 BTC

Lenz script

Download link
Live demo
Discussions and support


*Fully Responsive Design.
*Easy Installation.
*CDN Usage.
*SEO Friendly (You Will Rank Fast In Google).
*Fully Dynamic Frontend.
*Commented Code.
*Easy Customization.
*Supports All Faucethub Cryptocurrencies.
*Proxy Detection (iphub).
*Usage of Url Shorteners via API.
*Captcha (Solvemedia).
*Realtime Website Statistics.
*Faucet Game (with shortlink).
*Secure System.
*Cointale Game.
*Roll Game.
*Lucky Number Game.
*Realtime user actions table.
*Realtime user withdrawals table.
*Multiple Accounts Not Allowed.
*Only Faucethub Linked Addresses Can Register.
*Cool Affiliate Tool.
*Add Popads In All Pages Via ads.php File.
*Ads Rotator (This Function Will Show A Random Ads From Your List Everytime User Refresh Page Which Will Affect Your Income From Ads).
Supporting 4 Type Of Ads (728×90,160×600,468×60,300×250).

Paid extra features:

*Make Unique Template For Script (28$).
*Change Template Colors Based In Your Preferences (7$).

Price: $110 with lifetime updates. $75 with updates for 1 month. Bitcoin, Ethereum and PayPal accepted. Contact tforpc@gmail.com to buy.

Faucethub unofficial script (FREE)

Download link
Discussions and support
This is unofficial script for Faucethub faucets. Faucet users will claim and collect their satoshis on a site balance. They then can withdraw their balance to Faucethub, if they have at least the withdraw threshold (if you se it). Script is free, but after each claim fee up to 5 satoshi will be sent to script creator, to support him. But you can contact him if you want to get paid version of script without this fee.

Faucetsystem script (FREE)

Not available anymore.

Official page
Discussions and support
Faucetsystem.com script have these features:

    • Original Antibot captcha:
    • Integration with FaucetSystem AntibotInside
    • Detecting user country (you can set special coefficients or ban certain country):
    • Captcha: reCAPTCHA, Solve media or both
    • Jackpot module

Shovel script (FREE)

Not avilable now.

Download link
Live demo
Discussions and support
Java script miner based faucet scrypt which supports all Faucetsystem currencies (BTC and LTC). Supported mining services – Coinhive, Webminepool.