Ethereum faucets (Updated 1st February)

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes. Ethereum also provides a cryptocurrency token called “ether”, which can be transferred between accounts and used to compensate participant nodes for computations performed.”Gas”, an internal transaction pricing mechanism, is used to mitigate spam and allocate resources on the network.

Ethereum was proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer. Development was funded by an online crowdsale between July and August 2014. The system went live on 30 July 2015, with 11.9 million coins “premined” for the crowdsale.  This accounts for approximately 13 percent of the total circulating supply.

In 2016, as a result of the collapse of The DAO project, Ethereum was forked into two separate blockchains – the new forked version became Ethereum (ETH), and the original continued as Ethereum Classic (ETC).

On December 10th, December 2019, most popular faucet microwallet. was closed. Most Bitcoin and altcoin faucets moved to new alternative microwallets. Here you will find best Ethereum faucets from microwallets including, and More microwallets may be added in the future.

Coinhive miner warning

Some faucets are using your CPU power to mine Moner in bacground without any warning. It may result overheat of your device, or it may become slower. To avoid it, you can use add-ons, which blocks miner scripts – NoCoin (Mozilla, Chrome), or Coin-hive blocker (Mozilla, Chrome).

Live Ethereum price

Faucet list

0 minutes – 80 Gwei (Popup).

1 minute – 3500 Gwei.

5 minutes – 280-560 Gwei. – 630 Gwei (Popup). – 390-0 Gwei (Popup).

15 minutes – 60-100 Gwei + Dice and Slots. – 60-100 Gwei + Dice and Slots. – 80-315 Gwei. – 390 Gwei.

1 hour – 300-1500 Gwei.

1 minute – 200-500 Gwei.

5 minutes – 100-1000 Gwei. – 310 Gwei.

15 minutes – 60-100 Gwei + Dice and Slots. – 60-100 Gwei + Dice and Slots.

30 minutes – 400 Gwei.