Bitcore faucets (Updated 15th December)

Bitcore is a hybrid fork  of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The new crypto coin was created on April 2017. The purpose of this cryptocurrency project is to create a decentralized coin with similar specifications as Bitcoin but based on a new (empty) blockchain, with the best features implemented to allow for a maximum transaction capacity and GPU-based mining. One of the Main goals is the best possible scaling. With the 2nd November Snapshot, every Bitcoin Holder got 0.5 times his coins imported.

On December 10th, December 2019, most popular faucet microwallet. was closed. Most Bitcoin and altcoin faucets moved to new alternative microwallets. Here you will find best Bitcore faucets from microwallets including, and More microwallets may be added in the future.

Coinhive miner warning

Some faucets are using your CPU power to mine Moner in bacground without any warning. It may result overheat of your device, or it may become slower. To avoid it, you can use add-ons, which blocks miner scripts – NoCoin (Mozilla, Chrome), or Coin-hive blocker (Mozilla, Chrome).

Live Bitcore price

Faucet list

Currently there is no microwallet supporting Bitcore cryptocurrency.