Bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges is the sites where you can sell or buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You sell your coins and get US dollars, Euros, Rubles and other main fiat currencies.. You also can buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with fiat cash.

You can earn money on bitcoin exchanges by trading currencies. Point of trading is buy cheap coins and sell it when their price increase..

Here you can find popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges and trading sites:

Exchanges & Trading

atsisiusti is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange site, opened in start of 2015. They have almost all cryptocurrencies on their sites which can be traded, user-friendly interface, full trade page at the screen without scrolling, immediate cryptocurrency deposit / withdrawal. You can deposit/withdraw USD, EUR, RUB and other main currencies. also, Yobit have few fun games like dice and Yopony where you can play with your currencies.

Yobit cares about safety of their service and they have: two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator, email),file systems encryption, SSL, anti-ddos, intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking, real time encrypted data backup, cold/hot wallets. is old and trusted cryptocurrency exchange, opened in start of.2014. It’s fast and easy to use, they have user friendly design and fast support team. Min features of exchange:
2FA (e-mail, sms, google authenticator), e-mail confirmations, SSL, DDoS protection, anti-theft protection, hot/cold storage.
Fast deposits / trades / withdraws
You do not have to wait hours to see Your deposits. They shown in realtime and credited instantly after needed confirmations. BTC needs only 2 confirmations!
Trade between any coin pair
Choose from 100+ coins to trade for BTC/USD and between it.
Transfer funds instant directly between accounts without comission
We have a mechanism to instantly transfer any funds between accounts via “C-CEX codes”.
Chat live with fellow traders
Find much of useful information from our chat box.