Bitcoin communities

There are sites where people are talking about bitcoin. On these sites people are sharing bitcoin news and articles, talking about bitcoin development and future of it. They also helping to solve techical problems, sharing useful advices. You also can find announcements of bitcoin related services and discussions about it.

If you want to read discussions about bitcoin, ask questions or participate in discussions with bitcoin enthusiasts, our list of biggest bitcoin communities is for you..

Bitcoin forums – is the biggest bitcoin forum with almos one million members. Here you will find everything what is related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. There are many different parts of forum: bitcoin discussions, development, economics, trading, marketplace, begginers section, altcoins board and politic discussion. In this forum people can also announce their service, play in giveaways, or earn bitcoins from signature campaigns. There you also can find local boards, where you can discuss in your own language. – part of official bitcoin website where you mainly can find technical discussion about bitcoin. This forum is less commercial than bitcointalk. – this forum is dedicated to faucets and bitcoin earning websites. Here you can find announcements of faucets, rotators and faucet lists. Everything is divided into different categories by payment method. There also altcoin faucets.

Reddit communities – ome of free and open bitcoin discussion, bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews from top bitcoin industry leaders! – place of hot bitcoin news and interesting discussions.