About us

This site is created to share methods how to earn money and provide best bitcoin related services to you. There you find only good and tested services which already gained trust of users. All services that you will find there are used by us, otherwise it won’t be posted on our site. We hate shady services which asks to invest money and after that get dividends. Mostly such services are too risky and we don’t want to risk our money.

On our site there are full of services for everyone’s taste. There you can find:

  • Bitcoin faucets (Direct payments, Faucethub, Faucetsystem, Coinpot, Xapo);
  • Faucets of popular altcoins;
  • Exchanges;
  • Gambling and lottery sites;
  • Sports betting websites;
  • And much more

Services are posted in different categories to make easy to find it.

You also can find some good services which aren’t related to bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, but there you also can make money.

We also write useful articles about bitcoin, guides which wallet to choose, differences of bitcoin wallets types. We want to introduce newbies to bitcoin world, so you can find lot of useful stuff. We give you some useful links, where you can read articles and news about bitcoin.

You also can share you minds in comments section. We always waiting for your opinion, you can suggest services to add or share personal expierience about projects. Please write in English. Referral links aren’t allowed.